Everything in our lives has become more expensive in the last six months. The housing market, food, gas, and now we have to decide if we want to “Netflix and Chill.” Keep reading to find out how Netflix and Amazon subscriptions have increased for 2022

Netflix Subscription Increase

Netflix has announced that it will be increasing its subscription fees by $1 to $2. This means that the standard plan rose from $13.99 to $15.49.


It may not seem like a big deal to Netflix, but, ground beef went up a dollar, gas went up several dollars, and most renters have seen increases in their rent by hundreds of dollars.


Basically, our living expenses have increased by 1000%, and none of us are taking home “fatter checks.”


I’m not sure who is over Netflix’s customer care department, but most people binge-watch Netflix as a form of escapism from our reality. This is one more thing we have to remind us that our reality sucks!


Amazon Prime Subscription Increase

Netflix isn’t the only offender here; Amazon Prime has also announced its subscription plan will increase this year. 


If you are on the monthly plan, starting March 25th, your price will be $14.99/month, and if you are on their annual plan, it will be $139/year.


Rumor has it that Costco is also expected to increase its membership fees.


The obvious thing to do would be to cancel these subscriptions and only pay for the months we use them.


For instance, my husband I might binge-watch a show for a few weeks and then never log into our Netflix account again for several months.


On the other hand, almost everything I buy on Amazon Prime can be purchased at a local store except for a few items.

In Closing,

In closing, businesses have the right to increase their prices as long as they inform their customers of the changes before they do them.


I’ll tread lightly on telling you to cancel a subscription that you are not legally bound to because you can walk away at any time.


My challenge to you is to look at your budget and ask yourself how these service increases impact your financial goals and quality of life?


If the increases don’t negatively impact your pockets, keep them. If you find yourself stressing out trying to make ends meet, it is probably time that you put these subscriptions and others not listed on hold and get your finances in order.


 It’s not like these companies are “grandfathering” you into a rate, so you might as well save some coins and resume the services when you are in a more comfortable place financially.

What do you think about Netflix and Amazon Subscription Increases for 2022?


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